1. Tiguar smart line - powerbag rack

      (incl. BTW)

The new tiguar smart line has been designed as a system ready for assembly, modification and easy transport. Flat, compact profile of the racks is the space saving storage solution that enables intuitive access to accessories. These replaceable accessories make it possible to rebuild that system on user’s own and adjust it to the changing needs. Simple form, high functionality, and surprisingly low price are the major hallmarks of the new tiguar racks line. 

This powerbag rack has been designed especially for the latest version of the tiguar powerbags.  It was made of the highest quality materials. The permanent fixtures of the rack are the base and the long profile, to which 5 hangers are attached. Each hanger has 4 long bars on which powerbags are laid. The construction ensures stability and the safety of the powerbags storage even in a limited space.  Equipping fitness room with this rack will add character to the interior.

height: 180 cm
width: 56 cm
depth: 44 cm
weight: 29,5 kg